In line with the international standard, the company adopts the position system which is structured on the basis of the two-way selection including vocational basic characteristics and career development providing, aiming at providing a broader career stage and development space for employees.

The remuneration policy of the company reflects the performance oriented feature and ability promotion, in order to encourage employees to integrate the personal development into the long-term development of the enterprise.

The company builds up talent training mechanism by adhering to the training principles of “Taking the internal cultivation as a main method and the external introduction as supplement; everyone can be the teacher and every position will reserve the cadres.” The company is committed to providing a career path for the sustainable development of the employees through working out an effective key positions reserve talent selection program and the subsequent talent training plans, combining with the talents training and development projects such as internal job rotation, in-job counseling and in-job training to discover, develop and train the reserved talents reasonably, and finally establishing the talent echelon of the company.